Smoke Designs & Anti-Smoking Ads – Decoration and Destruction!!

Smoke Designs & Anti-Smoking Ads – Decoration and Destruction!!

Charlie B. Johnson   |

Today my real idea for Graphic Design Blog’s post was to compile some incredible examples of design integration with smoke. Somehow, I did not find much images on my related topic but during the research I stumbled across some very impressive anti-smoking ads. These conceptual ads made me think about the smoke in two different aspects. Smoke effects, which amazingly beautify our graphic designs but at the same time smoke releasing from cigarettes is capable of taking away so many lives.

Well, I couldn’t stop myself from compiling both sides of “SmOke” but now you have to decide where smoke graphics have played their role better – in “Destruction” or “Decoration”??

Anti-Smoking ads  – Say “No” to Destruction:
Within past few years graphic designing has strongly overpowered the field of advertisment…conveying disagreeable things in an interesting manner. It’s the beauty of graphics, which make these anti-smoking ads so persuasive. I am sure, the images I showcase below will help you quit your smoking habit, successfully.

Anti-Smoking ads # 1

Anti-Smoking ads # 2

Anti-Smoking ads # 3

Anti-Smoking ads # 4

Anti-Smoking ads # 5

Anti-Smoking ads # 6

Anti-Smoking ads # 7

Anti-Smoking ads # 8

Anti-Smoking ads # 9

Anti-Smoking ads # 10

Anti-Smoking ads # 11 & 12

Anti-Smoking ads # 13

Anti-Smoking ads # 14

Anti-Smoking ads # 15

Anti-Smoking ads # 16

Anti-Smoking ads # 17

Anti-Smoking ads # 18

Anti-Smoking ads # 19

Anti-Smoking ads # 20

Anti-Smoking ads # 21

Anti-Smoking ads # 22 & 23

Anti-Smoking ads # 24

Creative Smoke Designs – Say “Yes” to its beauty:
Smoke when merged with water and light effects, they add quiet a beauty to most ordinary objects as well. Here I bring you a round-up of some of the best examples of artworks where smoke dominates. Although, some of these images are extremely creative and inspiring but please feel free to share any smoke design we have missed including.

Creative Smoke Designs # 1

Creative Smoke Designs # 2

Creative Smoke Designs # 3

Creative Smoke Designs # 4

Creative Smoke Designs # 5

Creative Smoke Designs # 6

Creative Smoke Designs # 7

Creative Smoke Designs # 8

Creative Smoke Designs # 9

Creative Smoke Designs # 10

Creative Smoke Designs # 11

Creative Smoke Designs # 12

So guys, in which way you liked the creativity of “SmOke”more – Destruction OR Decoration?



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