90+ Outstanding Layout Design for Inspiration.

90+ Outstanding Layout Designs For Inspiration

Inspiration is a great thing, every day I look through hundreds of submissions to Design You Trust, FFFound, Fubiz, GrafikCache, Lovely Package, SwissMiss and TheDieline in Google Reader, starring my favourites and saving them to my hard disk. This has grown into quite the collection since I started it 6 months ago so I thought I’d use this to me advantage and start posting collections of them here.

In this post I’m going to take a look at all the layout designs I’ve starred, specifically books and similar publications, work that is printed and physically real, something digital images can never replace. Posters come next week.

1. Heyday


2. D8 Design Consultants


3. Because Studio

Because Studio

Because Studio

4. Thirteen



5. Anouk Rehorek

Anouk Rehorek




7. Frederic Tacer

Frederic Tacer

Frederic Tacer

8. Alex Cornell

Alex Cornell

Alex Cornell

9. Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney

Inspiration Feeds

The following designs are from my inspiration folder made up of all the designs, photographs and illustrations I star in my Google Reader inspiration collection and drag to my folder. As such I don’t know who they’re by.

Créditos: Craigbaldwin


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