Inspirationfrom Collage Art

Collage art is gaining more and more attention these days with the ever-growing trend for vintage and retro style design and many webdesigns include handwritten and ‘pasted’? elements. I tried to gather a collection of excellent collage pieces, and by excellent I mean that scrap-booking, however fun, is not collage art. This collection features many works from Flickr and Deviant Art, but I tried to get a broader view and discovered all sorts of very talented artists.

Quatre by gi_couture

At the disco by Shelley Lane

When it comes by A Yen for phantoms

Being abroad by Hugo Werner

The Chicken on the leg by Hugo Werner

Marylou by Elaine Brady Smith

First collage by Elsabor Del Fuego (?)

Collage by ~foot-foot

Collage in a minor by Gregoriousone

C is for collage by FredFree

Collage by Kievman

Collage by Woefoep

Collage s63 by Woefoep

New collage book 4 by Kareemrizk

Collage 2 by Burroughs

Collage 2 by Craftmonkey

L’art pour l’art by Drew

Ama de casa: Cynthia by Exo

Hers by Abstractions Art

Krystin 2 by Joleenieweenie

Rember2forget by Smallcaps

The sincerest of flattery by Tisdagsregn

The little black book by Ruin Tourist

Join the Red Cross by ..mat (you can spend a week or two exploring his whole photostream by the way)

Justice by Emmanuel Polanco

Soul possession by Daniela Akerblom

Kid by Michelle Caplan

Inside 3 by Bina Altera

Smart cars by Robert Mars

The art of the real by Illumination ink

Egg roll hut by Joel Sampson

The Shapes of numbers by Able Parris

AC by Joel Sampson

Found objects on altered postcard by Baby Smith

One cent light by James A. Faulkner

Créditos: Styl


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3 Responses to Inspirationfrom Collage Art

  1. These collages are amazing! They’ve given me so much inspiration to try new things

  2. This is a really nice collection of collages.

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