Today we will showcase a collection of textures where you can use and apply on your future web page design project or just for graphics use. These type of textures is more on different kind of fabrics.

Here is 45+ Absolutely Useful Free Fabric Textures. This is just the first round-up on fabric textures, so expect to see more in the future. Click on the title or the image to go direct on the main source.

Fabric Textures Pack

Red Silk Fabric Texture 3

Fabric texture pack 01

fabric texture

fabric texture

fabric texture

Denim fabric texture

Upholstry fabric texture

Stock: Fabric Texture 2

Sweater Pattern

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 10

Fabric camo ice

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 9

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 5

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 3

texture 013

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 2

Fabric – Jeans

texture 025


Textures: Fabric

Textures: Fabric

textures: Fabric

textures: Fabric

Fabric tablecloth

blue fabric

Swirly Fabric Pattern

Fabric linen

Fabric Texture

Fabric Texture

Fabric Texture 23

Fabric Texture

texture 083

Fabric Texture

Fabric Texture

Créditos: Blue Blots


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