Interview: Creative Anime Artworks by Wen Qing


–>Wenqing Yan is a 19 years old Chinese artist, living in U.S. right now. This young artist is still a college student, but has already produced many creative works. We can learn more about her through the following interview. Let’s check it out!

Q1. First, thank you for taking up the interview. You are only 19 years old but have already created quite a lot of good pieces, when and under what occasion did you begin to create artworks?

Drawing was my passion for as long as I can remember but I didn’t really work hard on improving myself until I was 11. Back then, some of my classmates were drawing anime and so I jumped on the bandwagon. Then when I was 12, I got my dA account and that really helped me move forward. The encouragements and advices from everyone really helped me crystallize my goal of becoming an artist, and I just kept going.

Q2. How much time do you spend on your pieces each day? How do you balance your art creating time and college life?

When I draw depends on how inspired I am and how busy I am. When I’m on vacation, I draw almost everyday, usually only for a few hours, but when I’m really inspired, I draw nonstop for 6 to 12 hours. Over the semesters, I draw during study breaks. That way, I can get the school work done and relax my mind, but there’s also the option of not sleeping, haha.

Q3. I know you are working on your Project WE. How did you come up with the concept and what’s that about, could you tell us a little about it?

Project WE is something that I’ve been plotting since I was 14. The inspiration for it comes from various life experiences and the interesting things I learned in school. It will be a multi-chapter story presented in Flash like my one-shot comic “1000 W0RDS” and will be free for public viewing upon completion. I hope Project WE will be entertaining and thought provoking, but what it is about will remain a secret until I finish ;p

Q4. What’s your tools of the trade? Software and hardware.

My favorit tools are Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and Paint tool SAI. I draw out most of my artwork with these and then I use Photoshop for editing colors and textures. Occassionally I draw with pencil and ballpoint pens to created a rough texture that’s not digitally replicable. I also use watercolor and and acrylic paint when I’m in the mood for something more traditional. My sculptures are sculpted out of ceramic clay but I am experimenting with polymer clay for smaller works.

Q5. Thank you very much again for your time with TDI. Do you have any words for the readers?

Thanks so much for reading! Just keep creating art and never stop being awesome!

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