38 Impressive Graphic Designer Portfolios – Wanna have an Ideal Portfolio??

To succeed in the world of Graphic Designing, always exhibit you creativity skills in a tempting and presentable manner. If you are a fresh graduate and looking for a job as a graphic designer, the first tip to success is to create a “smashing portfolio” Here I would suggest that it’s better to have an online portfolio, for various reasons. An updated website portfolio is an ideal option for freelance graphic designers.

As there is an old cliché “A picture is worth thousand words” and nothing better than an impressive portfolio can promote you as a brand. Without proper web presence, no one is ever going to know about the hidden potential inside you.

5 Must Ingredients for a Perfect Portfolio:

It’s always GDB’s top priority to bring helpful tips and resources for aspiring Graphic Designers. Therefore, before you start getting inspired with “48 Impressive Designer Portfolios” from net, I would like you all to know “5 must-have” features of an ideal portfolio.

  • Logo: An exclusive portfolio helps us to promote our self as a brand, therefore it is important to have a dependable logo. First thing a visitor checks on your portfolio is a logo and it should be catchy to tempt the user to check your complete portfolio.
  • Tagline: Your tagline should well define your services and creative abilities. It should be short, snappy and summarize about your goals. Your tagline should be catchy enough, to change an ordinary user into a potential customer.
  • Services: This feature of your portfolio should be detailed and well explained. This is the feature where you get to explain your area of expertise like web design, development, video, copywriting, branding, etc.
  • Blog: We all know blog is always a casual and successful way of sharing your creative thoughts with your visitors. It helps to promote you and prevent your website from lying static. It allows people to search you on different social networks and drop comments about your portfolio.
  • About Me: To cut the long story short, a portfolio is all “About Me” Share your family background, education and interests with people. The more details you give, the better a bond of trust is created between you and your users.

Apart all these listed features, just remember that an online design portfolio should be easy to use, should be clearly sectioned and simple in design to allow your design artwork to shine.

Anyways, now without squandering any more time, let’s start with the tour… 38 examples of most exclusive portfolios have been put together here for your inspiration.
Form Troopers
Digital Mash
Joe Nyaggah
Jeff Sarmiento
Serial Cut
Alastaire Allday
M1 Design
Dreamer Lines
Taufiq Ridha
Hello Monday
Emotions Live
Alex Buga
Super Lover
Jay Hafling
IE Studio
Hutch House
Kevin Lucius
Gareth Dickey
LP – Creative Designer
Daniele Volpin
Designer dudes,  don’t forget to write in, telling which of these portfolios tempted you to revamp your present portfolio and if you think yours is also creative enough to be on the list, don’t hesitate…send in your link.

Créditos: Graphic Design Blog

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