Awesome Typography In Motion. 12 Incredible Videos

Typography as explained in previous posts is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. But with the introduction of new technology that all changes. Talented individuals have been using video to create what can only be explained as typography in motion. In this post, Designussion showcases some incredible examples of typography in motion. If you enjoyed any of the vidoes showcased, please leave the author a comment!

New Museum

new museum

To ring in the first anniversary of the iconic New Museum in NYC, Superfad designed a video greeting card celebrating their accomplishments. Driven by quirky infographics and a rhythmic music track, the piece uses a minimalist graphic style to playfully convey a wealth of information.



Who would of ever thought that we would polute the world with typography? Watch the video and find out what it would really be like.

Flickermood 2.0


“Flickermood 2.0″ by Sebastian Lange is described as “The next level of this experimental typographic orgy.”


Requiem For A Dream

The “You’re on uppers” scene in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM portrayed using nothing but kinetic typography.

Let The Drummer Kick It


A student in love with a song. A Fantastic school project!

Talking Head


Stop and Think.

Fox Branding


An outstanding branding video for Fox by Troika.



A love for the typface rockwell. An outstanding video showcasing some of its uses.

The Child


A husband finds himself with a pregnant wife, his world about to change. Let this video spell it out for you.

Typography In Motion


Typography is what language looks like. provides one of the best typography vidoes out there.

Pieces : Sum41


A fantastic song with its lyrics turned into a typographical stop motion video. A brilliant effort by the creator.



Starcraft typography side project Steph Siegel made inspired by shinhan Proleague in Seoul Korea.

Habitat For Humanity


A students school project. Watch how this student creates a commercial out of stop motion typography


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