How Twitter helps designers

Twitter can be an unhealthy obsession. I’ve had to stop following people when their speeds of around 100tph drown out everyone else. That doesn’t mean us designers aren’t using Twitter to our benefit, and here’s what I’m doing to make the most of it.

Twitter fail whale

Feedback from other designers

When you don’t receive constructive criticism, it’s all too easy to believe your work’s the best thing since Doritos and hot dip. Clients are normally the first to open your eyes, but it’s always good when a fellow designer gives it to you straight prior to any client communication.

There’s an excellent community of logo designers on Twitter, and if you ask nicely, they’re more than happy to offer advice. You’ll also find collections of talented web designers / developers who tweet, though I’m not too sure why you find me via that second link.

Unless you genuinely respect the designer giving feedback, take comments with a pinch of salt, because not everyone’s as competent as you, and not everyone will have time to familiarise themselves with your design brief.

Help with client concerns

There are ways to address this, and there are ways to avoid. I don’t recommend naming your clients (feathers can easily be ruffled), but if you mention the important points of your concerns, we’re a friendly bunch, and it’s likely that one of us has experienced the same issue.

Twitter can also help you out of a website fix.

General chat

Especially when working from home, on your Todd (like me), Twitter can act as a welcome break from work. One of the things I miss most about an office environment is the regular interaction with colleagues, so it’s nice to see what’s happening, real-time, in the lives of people in know.

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Image copyright: Overthinking it

Sharing resources

How many of you still use For me, it’s not nearly as much as I used to, and I’m sure the site has taken a hit with more and more of us sharing (and collecting) our bookmarks via Twitter.

Twitter’s like with conversations.

Driving traffic

tweeting to tell you I blogged

I’m guilty too. Via swissmiss. Image by Danny Jones.

How are you using Twitter?

With deadlines to meet, I don’t use it too often — though it’s all relative, as I still tweet almost every day. I’m sure I could make more use of the resource when a question crops up, but it’s a (bad?) habit of mine to try helping myself before asking others.

Actually, the search tool is an excellent way to find answers, or to find feedback on a particular product or service before buying anything, so Twitter does help even if I don’t take up your time by posting a question.

Have you been guided through a fix on Twitter?

Are you borderline obsessive? 😉

Share your Twitter tales of wonderment.

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