35 Amazing Custom Photoshop Brushes

Brushes are a main part of every Adobe Photoshop user. They give you the ability to create awesome designs where they’re used in logos or wallpapers. Presenting a collection of 35 of the best free custom photoshop brushes that will surely help you in your upcoming projects.

How to Install A Custom Photoshop Brush:

  • Start Photoshop (We’re using Adobe Photoshop PS4 Here)
  • Right click on the Brush Tool

How To

  • On Top, you’ll see Brush. Click the arrow and it will bring down the brushes.

How To

  • Click (>) and a small menu will pop up. Click Load Brushes and select the download file (make sure you’ve unzipped it if it’s in the zip format). Select and it will load all the brushes in that pack and you’re done.

Amazing Custom Photoshop Brushes

1. Tree Brushes (8 Brushes)

Tree Brushes

2. Sun (Mini Pack of Brushes)


3. Star Brush Set (Pack of 20)

Star Brush Set

4.  3D Halftone Brushes (Pack of 16)

3D Halftone

5. Ecol Brushes (Pack of 5)

Ecol Brushes

6. Curvy Lines Brushes (Pack of 12)

Curvy Lines Brushes

7. Circle And Drips (8 Brushes)

Circles And Drips

8. Water Color (18 Brushes)

Water Color Brushes

9. Evasion (18 Brushes)


10. Swirl (8 Brushes)


11. Quad Grunge (10 Brushes)


12. Attack (8 Brushes)

Attack Brushes

13. Smoke (108 Brushes)


14. Gradient Shapes (13 Brushes)


15. Aquillos (6 Brushes)


16. MF Splatter Brush Pack v.01


17. Complete Tree Brush Pack (40 Brushes)

Complete Tree Brushes

18. Vintage (8 Brushes)


19. Suddenly Spring (25 Brushes)

Suddenly Spring

20. Nebulae Brushes (15 Brushes)


21. Coffee Happens Reloaded (15 Brushes)


22. Abstract Brushes

Abstract Brushes

23. Dirty Sprays (8 Brushes)

Dirty Sprays

24. Hearts (24 Brushes)

Heart Brushes

25. Swirls and Seeds

Swirls and Seeds

26. Musik Brushes

Musik Brushes

27. Dreamon Brushes


28. Splatter Brushes

Splash Brushes

29. Ultimate Brush Pack

Ultimate Brush Pack

30. Psionic Storm (15 Brushes)

Psionic Storm

31. Dried Blood Splatters

Dried Blood Splatters

32. StarField Brushes


33. Serenity Brushes (15 Brushes)

Serenity Brushes

34. Solid Ink Splatter (50 Brushes)

Solid Ink Splatter

35. Audio Lines (20 Brushes)

Audio Lines

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