18 Hilarious Food-Inspired Hollywood Posters

Friday the 13th ——» (Birthday the 13th)

“You wish you were never born on a Friday”

Harry Potter ——» (Curry potter)

“The rebellion begins”

Dawn of the Dead ——» (Dawn of the Bread)

“When there is no more room in the oven, the Bread will walk the Earth”

Die Hard ——» (Diet Hard)

“12 terrorists…One cop…The odds are against John McClane…That’s just the way he likes it.”

Finding Nemo ——» (Frying Nemo)

“There are 187 ways to prepare a fish…they’re looking for the tastiest one.”

The Godfather ——» (The Godfather)

“I’m gonna make him spaghetti he won’t refuse”

I am Legend ——» (I am Hungry)

“The Last Man On Earth Still Has To Eat”

Inglorious Bastards ——» (Inglorious Bagels)

“Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France”

Scream ——» (I-Scream 4)

“New Decade. New Rules. New Flavors”

Jurassic Park ——» (Jurassic Pork)

“A Sausage. 65 Million years in the making”

The Kings’ Speech ——» (The Kings’ Peach)

“The perfect blend of sweet and juicy. The film will leave you feeling satisfied.”

Lord of the Rings ——» (Lord of the Onion Rings)

“The two towers of grease”

SpiderMan 3 ——» (Pizza man 3)

“You friendly neighborhood Pizza Man”

Ice Age ——» (Rice Age)

“This time you are not the food!”

Superman Returns ——» (Supperman Returns)

“With a new variety of tasty dishes”

The Fly ——» (The Fry)

“Be Afraid. Be very afraid and disturbingly hungry.”

The Mummy ——» (The Yummy)

“The sands will rise. The heavens will part. The sundae will be unleashed”

X-Men Wolverine ——» (X-Men Wolverine)

“Origins of the Shashlik”

Fonte http://www.graphicdesignblog.org


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