Star Wars – Art Inspired by the World Jedi

Here are the some creative Star Wars posters , picture and artworks that have been created fans and addicts.

Stars Wars is a saga that was first released in the year 1977 and was well received by the audience. The first part gained such popularity amongst the audience that it was followed by five other films, the last of which was released in 2008. Apart from the series of films, many television series of the Star Wars were also released simultaneously which got the best TRP’s amongst all the contemporary soaps, thereby proving the popularity of the Star Wars series amongst the viewers. The plot of the Star Wars series is placed in an imaginary galaxy in a spaceship with aliens and robots as the lead character.

This science fiction could create such a lasting impression upon the mind of the viewers, specially the children. Graphic artists, who have grown up watching this epic story, did not miss the opportunity to design some creative artworks based on the Star Wars saga. They have experimented with some of their most their favorite characters and scenes from the series and have come up with some awesome and inventive artworks. Children would love to have these posters and artworks around their room and wallpapers of their personal computers.



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