Awesome Rooms

You may think interior design is easy, but creating the PERFECT room isn’t.
Each of these rooms are perfect in their own way and would be difficult
for just anyone to pull off. They combine the perfect locations, views,
design and furniture to create a space that’s so amazing, it seems
like it’s straight out of a catalog.

No matter what you like, you’ll fall in love with at least one of these rooms.

awesome rooms

awesome rooms


awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms




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283 Responses to Awesome Rooms

  1. msx says:

    Algunas son espectaculares!

  2. Rich Nelson says:

    Most of the rooms were spectacular and blew my mind. A few were unrealistic, being they didn’t seem adjustable to different size bodies or preferences. All in all, they were fantastic.

    • K says:

      When you are designing at this caliber you are designing for a particular client and not for multiple people unless they will live there as well. They may seem out of proportion to you, but it may be the perfect fit for the client.

  3. Clarion says:

    Wow this is awesome. I could not imagine occupying one of those rooms. It would literally take you away!.

  4. Danis says:

    Nice collection.

  5. Caroline says:

    Wow…these are absolutely beautiful. This is why I want to go into architectural design and such. These rooms are similar to rooms I could only DREAM of making! Yet here they are, in all reality!

  6. nicole says:

    wow i am stunned

  7. Art says:

    These pictures are all the property of architect Art Vanderlay and may not be used without prior consent.

    • msx says:

      This is what I call a motherfuckingly shitty, full of crap, bitter comment.
      This guy isn’t making any profit from those pictures, in fact he is helping to make them famous letting others to know them.
      So please, go and shove your head up in your ass – your attitude *stinks*.

      • George Costanza says:

        Art Vandelay… haven’t you ever seen Seinfeld?
        He’s making a joke you obviously don’t get.

      • msx says:

        Oh shet!

        I must confess that while I liked Seinfeld’s show -Kramer and you Mr. Constanza were my favorites- I’m more a fan of Louis C. K., Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope and the very best and greatest, George Carlin.

  8. belvaamabra says:

    assume! these are really wonderful. Rooms architecture are so nice.

    • Joyce says:

      Kedves Jaczkó Béla, köszönöm szépen.Kedves Névtelen, elolvastam az összes hasonló tartalmú koovdnteeet,bemallmm, kicsit meglepődtem, mert ilyen hozzászólással még soha egyetlen külföldi gasztroblogon nem találkoztam (sweet home..). De ha írsz nekem egy privát e-mailt, akkor nagyon szívesen adok tanácsot, hogy az ember hogyan és miért kerítsen időt a szenvedélyére. Ja, és elárulok Neked egy óriási titkot: 8-nál icipicit korábban kávézom, és nem cigizem. Bazsalikomcserepem sajna nincs, mert kihalnak a szmogos erkélyen.

    • Asta ar fi si ideea concursului. Dat fiind faptul ca amibuitatea afirmarii in termeni “web 3.0″ este ridicata ar fi interesant de vazut la nivel international cu ce idei contribuie tinerii, care dupa cum stiti si voi sunt cei mai entuziasmati si dornici sa experimenteze.

  9. CarolAnn says:

    How can I visit the glass domed room?

  10. soso says:

    it’s as dream….!

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  12. Alex says:

    it is Heaven in earth,
    you have nice pic and awesome home

    Buy Porsche Design Tower Miami | icon bay apartments

  13. jsacks28 says:

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    Need to be rich. Someday…somehow….(Sigh) #MajrProblems

  14. peachsx says:

    all i can say is WOW 😀
    i really want one..

  15. buttercup says:

    asthetically astonighing..spectacular collections…who wud want to goto theatres if they hav such awesum theatre rooms..can hav fabulous hangout with dear ones

  16. Iraq says:

    NH to Mndhar beautiful conscience and Timnath be my Nevsho

  17. Carole Sisson says:

    After 40 years as an interior designer these are some of the most amazing rooms I have ever seen!

    • Hollie says:

      This video was done for a &#nHe0;2app2ni8g Marketing 2012″ competition, thats what the email at the end is for. Students competed in Quebec as a 2012 marketing project. As you can well see, the film quality is far to HD for 1980.

  18. edache joseph sule says:

    it’s breathtaking! i think i need this

  19. Rozzie says:


  20. iLead Media says:

    Fabulous interior!!!

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  22. There are some really great ideas here! (I have to admit the water slide in the closet is probably my favorite.)

  23. Missing a Home says:

    None of them were appealing and I couldn’t understand why. They’re empty. A shitty little kitchen full of people you love is way better than any of them.

    • Josh says:

      I partly agree with your shitty little kitchen thing, but that’s not really what this web page is about. It’s about awesome inspirational rooms that catch peoples imagination.

  24. Gifford says:

    quite something.

  25. Julia Garnich says:

    I love everything — so open, so fresh and unique!

  26. Atticus says:

    I feel like the room featured in the top photo would be a fantastic room to do some painting. Creative juices would just ooze through the openness of it.

  27. abdellatif says:

    That ‘s what I call creative.

  28. Tiarnán says:

    on my way to being an architect 🙂

    im 15 but one day i will have a room like these 🙂

    • eian_lim says:

      way to go! goodluck. glad your inspired by these photos, if anything, it is their purpose to inspire young people to create. bravo!

  29. Amanda says:

    The 4th one is kinda creepy.

  30. That water slide in the bedroom is bad!

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    Awesome rooms for inspiration 🙂

  32. That Crazy Person says:

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  33. Some of these are amazing. Thanks for posting.

  34. aronthehood says:

    the nature-looking rooms are simply awesome.

  35. hipshaw says:

    I wish I had the creativity to conceptualize this type of achitecture….

  36. Richard Blake says:

    Some nice, some not so; nothing inspired awe therefore awsome is not the correct adjective to use.

  37. shafky says:

    every and each interior design is unique …

  38. Very inspiring rooms, I love the outdoor projection set up!

  39. allahditta says:

    Really unbelievable thoughts in life, out of my words, well done..

  40. isabel says:

    Muy originales ,,me encantaron.

  41. LiMoO says:

    This really cool rooms special the second one .. I love it so much

  42. Love the rooms that have the green and blue views.

  43. Loving the first idea – so close to the beauty of nature…yet, looks familiar..ahem, in twilight scene.

  44. SuzanneKate says:

    All of it is just so beautiful… I’ve just seen every room of my dream house and even more on the screen of my computer.

  45. Ginni says:

    these are really truely inspiring!!

  46. Alex says:

    The rotating room is amazing. One just better hope it doesn’t start turning on its own.

  47. eian_lim says:


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  49. Rama Krishna says:

    wonderful imagination attracting everybody, alike !

  50. simpledesignideas says:

    I like the wooden wheel room – creative and multifunctional! Looks fun

  51. MakeSomethingMondays says:

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    These rooms are awesome! I love the room with the bookshelves 🙂

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  53. jensine says:

    now where can I find a rich husband?

  54. atanasarah says:

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    menambah kemageran wkwk

  55. Waymon says:

    These rooms are awesome!!!!!!!! Great ideas if you can afford it

  56. Kevo says:

    Some of these are great!

  57. mewzyk says:

    Omg, I am in LOVE with the twelfth one! I would love a small house with glass as the roof, I would read books with the rain clanking on my windows 🙂

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  59. jessfrances says:

    I am getting some serious room envy here! I think it’s the ones with the books that get me the greenest!

  60. Jiu says:

    Oh my goodness, where are those places anyways? I actually want to go visit.

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    So cool gotta check this out! I would LOVE a room like these!

  62. Mike Moran says:

    That is one big bowl of popcorn….

  63. I don’t know which one is my favorite! OMG! I loved them all! I pin’ed my favorite 3 on my Pinterest board though. 😉

  64. marisaporter says:


  65. Maryam says:

    I really love this post! These rooms are so cool! You have an eye for design! Would you check out my site? Maybe you could let me know what you think of these products? and then you can see the blog here at

    • Coralie says:

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  66. ananthramgk says:

    Creative Desire knows no bounds ;needs an opportunity to exspress;supported by equally creative client, who can appreciate and accept the designing architects vision ! I can see both the creator and prospector have met their match !

  67. jeanfoja says:

    Wow. I wish Im a billionaire !

  68. Roberto Rodríguez says:

    Cuando uno ve de lo que es capaz el cerebro humano, entonces te das cuenta que hemos sido hechos maravillosamente. Claro que este tipo de habitaciones solo las puede tener alguien con grandes recursos económicos, pero aún así es agradable disfrutarlos por medio de las imágenes.

  69. briana says:

    these are amazing i want them!!

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  71. lynicepower says:

    Amazing rooms… Never seen nothing like it

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  73. Giovanni says:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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  75. ananthramgk says:

    Creative Canon streams lively and lovely !

    • Mitch says:

      Mette, Hvad er der med de mænd og risengrød? 😉 Hvor skægt at v lige rammer menuerne samtidig 🙂 Vi fÃ¥r ogsÃ¥ mest risengrød, nÃ¥r jeg er alene med børnene, og sÃ¥ lilfejulealten, der har vi en hyggelig tradition med risengrød til aftensmad med nisseøl til.

  76. Jeff says:

    Does anyone have any information on the architect, owner, or location of the 12th cabin-style room with the yurt-style construction and the glass roof? That’s awesome.

  77. Hafis says:

    Great… Luvd it….

  78. Alessandro says:

    These rooms are truly spectacular. They are true works of art. Who has the fortune to be in these rooms is immersed and fussed in an atmosphere of peace, is at ease and totally relaxed.

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  80. blcarey says:

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    Love these places and the pics… Any chance you’d know where I can get one of my own?

  81. peterdopson says:

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    Rooms to consider for your active retirement lifestyle !

  82. Wow! what a interior design of rooms.
    Home theatre curtains

  83. al18di says:

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  84. Ahmed Topic says:

    Awesome display of artistic and aesthetically pleasing interior decoration. Some of these rooms are simply breathtaking. Nothing gay about them, in fact some of these are exactly the opposite of gay. I’m very glad to have been able to view this photo gallery 🙂

  85. FAAAAABULOUS DAAAAHLINKS!!! No, really….. fabo !!!

  86. these comments seriously need to be moderated.

  87. mojetrendy says:

    Bardzo piękne wnętrza. Szkoda, że ja tam nie mieszkam. 😉
    Podziwiam i cieszę się, że ktoś projektuje takie domy. Będę musiał napisać o tym u siebie na stronce tylko, żebym jeszcze znalazł takie materiały. W Polsce budownictwo jest tradycyjne i raczej rzadko kto decyduje się na tak zaawansowane eksperymenty.
    Salut. 🙂

  88. Maddie says:

    Cute , fun , anything a teen could ever want in her room(:

  89. Chad Jones says:

    Is the room in pictures #11,12 and 13 a rotating room? I like that. It’s kinda futuristic or perhaps an innovative room in plane or space ship.

  90. Chris says:

    I’ll take the second one down..comfy..

  91. In such dreams-cape locations– nicely done!

  92. Justin says:

    These rooms are cool and all, but a lot of them seem too impractical to actually live in. Plus some have a creepy feel to them, like the wooden walled dining room.

  93. hi
    very nice home collocation thanks

  94. justin says:

    actully some of them are realy cool designs,,,maybe i do them for my house,,,tnx for the post by the way

  95. james says:

    love the great veiws, gives you something to shoot for

  96. LIVEN19 says:

    likely my dream.. I like combination modern and nature…

  97. ChuckJustice says:

    Is there any way you could link me to more information abut the room depicted in image #15 and 16? The one that is reminiscent of a stone and glass teepe? I would really like to see a full floorplan, or at the very least more pictures… Thank you

  98. milton k says:

    honestly though, how many of these do you think are solely modeled for a portfolio or are just that, works of art, posed and not meant to actually be lived in? I mean, for example, the outdoor theater? once it starts raining, there’s a lot that’s needing to be cleaned up. These are amazing, but I’m feeling a bit of a disconnect between art and actual live-ability.

  99. Cristalyn says:

    These room are baddddd!!!!!straight motivation!!!!!

  100. shahin fahim says:


  101. nidhi says:

    wow simply amazing

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  103. Sammi says:

    These rooms are amazing. I wish I could design something like that.

    • Lorene says:

      reviewed the Life Factory baby bottles before, which you can check out here, and th;r1#82&7eye still a favorite. With the cap on the baby bottles you can take them along as a

  104. Fabian Model says:

    Very very cool 🙂 Amazing pics. Thanks for that!

  105. Steam Retro says:

    those are really cool!!!!

  106. Rose Wells says:

    When I was 26 and a single mom, I built a 16 x 20 post-and-beam room off a trailer (with help!) on a friend’s property. Over the years, it became a “real house and the trailer left. I birthed my other three children there. 25 years later it was “red tagged” later bulldozed down. No, it did not have a waterslide from the bedroom to the pool, but you know what? It was MORE REAL than all of those rooms put together. Money can buy a fancy house, but only a loving family makes the house truly rich. Houses are a bunch of boards, it is the memory of happy times with loved one within our houses that counts. Oh, not that would kick one of those houses out of bed …

  107. Human says:

    The 3 II liked the best are1st image with the cantilevering loft. I wish there was more deetail. I wpi;d ;ole to know what is the loft designed to hold , how was it made?
    The pool with the slide that some post said was from a room, I was just thinking of another part of the house. Is there are there a link to a story behind the image that I am not getting
    The 3rd on the list is the rotating room , I just like room designs that have a changeability built in

    I wish each had more information

  108. Damien Robins says:

    Amazing pieces of work there and for those of you who think that they are gay, you obviously are not gay or know anyone who is… unless you mean, they make you happy inside! if it was the same architect for all of these works of ART the when I am Rich and NOT Famous I will be contacting you. Brilliant work

    • Janae says:

      Dear Sue,So good to hear from you, sorry that you were ill over the ho.ydailHope you are feeling better today and have a great week.So very much miss those daily prayers we used to have. Hugs/prayers to you, Sue

  109. Isabelle says:

    Know i wish i had everyone of those rooms. I dont know how they would come up with those ideas. They are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. areeha says:


  111. Stephen Pointer says:

    Tampa realtor and designer here. Giving a buyer a lifestyle they didn’t think they could have is one of the best parks of my job. Thank you for bring us these works of art.

  112. anasr00s says:

    Very nice pictures and make a new inspiration for me

  113. Roxana Ica Suteu says:

    Wow!!!!…so awesome,I wish I am a trillionaire,and pay designers to make me some rooms like some of those that I’ve seen in here,on my huge mansion house.My long time dream and big wish is to be a Trillionaire,or a Quartillionaire,and buy everything I want,and everything I wish,and to pay arhitetcs and designers,to build me amazing and awesome buildings,and interior room designs.

  114. Ideas Hogar says:

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    impresionantes fotos de interiores

  115. Realy colletion is UP and Up on TOP one+5’s

  116. rsoftlink says:

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  117. hartseancar says:

    Wow, those were so cool. It gave me an idea for my room. What if you put a tv on the ceiling above your bed.

  118. zamora says:

    on the other hand I think these rooms are amazing I like them gave me an idea

  119. Jayshree says:

    awesome soon we ll also make 1 of these rooms :):):)

    dreams coming true:)

  120. Beatyfull house… i like it

  121. TazWOld says:

    Some of the comments allowed on these sheets are extremely offensive, insulting, and are indicative of persons with no manners at all
    i feel that stumbleupon should monitor input and set boundaries as some people need to know there are unacceptable insults
    regarding the rooms shown i did appreciate the wide variety and some were so quirky i was really fascinated, views from various homes were stunning – people can really have wonderful/inventive/clever minds.

  122. SI VATA says:

    I’ve all my island

  123. SI VATA says:

    all are amaizing

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    I love this page – – the designs are increadable!!!

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  127. Ri says:

    Nice. I hope we could do something of this that could be applied to third world regions like Cebu city. -Ri of

    • Kathy says:

      Yes Annie, He reminds me of those guys from the Bush Adtitismranion like Rummy, who when confronted about the WMD lies, responded with the defence that “every thought he had them”, failing to acknowledge that “every thought he had them” because that’s what the Bush Administration told them.

  128. Vedette says:

    The room with the pond inside is the most appealing room for me. It has a zen feeling to it which makes me relaxed when i’m inside that room.

  129. Thank You TazWOld, your comments were appreciated. Maybe *Stumble will take a closer look at such unfortunate commentary – especially with regard to such fine design in live-in ART. Best regards. pmb in ny/usa

  130. kellandsechy says:

    What wonderful photos. So inspiring!

  131. “Awesome Rooms JinSpiration” was in fact quite enjoyable and useful!
    In todays universe that is very hard to carry out. With thanks,

  132. Ankitha says:

    hardwork and talent behind these marvellous works………

    • Shirl says:

      Εγω ουτε το καιω το ανοιγω με το winrar το τσιμπαω το πεταω στην &e&pilon;ppi;ιφανει&alsha; και τα υπολοιπα ειναι γνωστα.

  133. atash azar says:

    wooow very very nice thank you

  134. wblack says:

    2nd from the bottom is on a ship (Royal Caribbean Cruiseliners)

  135. These are spectacular. I find them very inspiring relative to my design work. Such talent. On the other hand, the comments are almost equally motivating. The first part, specially. Makes me gland I’m neither gay, bi or straight. I think of myself as ‘tri’. Try it, you might even like it as well as all the others! Great designs. Glass=Nature=. Wood=Nature. Curves=Nature. Nature, the great mother. The most beautiful of all mothers and the most mistreated. That’s not straight or Gay. That’s weird.

  136. Never mind the rooms! I think I found myself a new family. Anyone interested in design with such enthewzeazem , with all the other gadgets around, I truly love. You are all so nice. I would like to throw a great party and have you all at the table. You differences are like the variaty of flowers in a garden. Now, is it not the way it should be? With love to all of you. I really like reading your comments. Thank you’z!!! lol

  137. Kiss Yah says:

    Reblogged this on Alexithymia 🙂 and commented:
    for reference 🙂

  138. Old game developer from the 80's says:

    You can kiss all those rooms goodbye if the current government continues to rob you of all your hard-earned income and tells the rest of the world YOU DIDN”T BUILD THAT, and YOU AREN’T PAYING YOUR FAIR SHARE. How the hell do you think these people afforded to have this kind of luxury? They built something of value, so they could enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  139. Ci says:

    Great fun rooms. very easy to duplicate.

  140. MOS says:

    awesome rooms!!!!

  141. dayasu says:

    Reblogged this on Chin Pun and commented:
    Me parece increíble la capacidad imaginativa del ser humano

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  143. MArk says:

    Does anyone know where the place is located in the fourth picture from the bottom? It looks like a place I have seen on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. Amazing!

  144. Reblogged this on Henry Jackson Photography and commented:
    Just far to many awesome rooms to write about everyone, there INCREDIBLE

  145. Daniel says:

    Blade runner on the tv

  146. Ashein Roy says:

    wow .. its really great……….

    • Lucy says:

      Genau… So wie wir es als Kinder gespielt haben… übrigens sind beide Fotos definitiv nur mit Kerzenlicht aufgenommen (jeweils zwei Keoenz…)@Fulanr: Tja, Parkstraßen sind halt teuer…

  147. astrawberry says:


  148. Richard says:

    I’d like to see the data on the carbon footprint of the owners of these houses, and what they cost to the environment to build (including demolishing previous buildings, which I’m sure in some cases wasn’t strictly necessary).

    • Roxy says:

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    • Liebe Ellja, danbke für das Hainan Chicken Rice Rezept – das ist Heilessen! Und Dank auch für den link zur Frau Ziii!

  149. Tim says:

    Gives me some great ideas!

  150. Reblogged this on Motivation, Perspective and Inspiration By:Carl The Muse and commented:
    I had to Reblog this. I see I am not the only soul out here who likes to have a view from the bedroom. I do much more than sleep in that place, I live there a view makes it sooo much better!

  151. Cameron Pather says:

    Just absolutely gracious, peaceful and full of splendor. Was thinking…how much more better..will heaven be!

  152. paranoiasnfm says:

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    Quando ganhar o Euromilhões…

  153. Shelly says:

    I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad…

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  155. frankiej says:

    Thanks for posting these awesome pictures, I would love to have any one of these rooms one day!

  156. Mezinchna says:

    I’m so jelly of these rooms, we had to buy peanut butter to create balance

    Love these rooms. I want them so bad :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  158. Caroline D says:

    Thank god! Not another list of unrealistic all-white rooms with all-white furniture. Lots of wood and books, much more my style!

  159. Mya says:

    Guys, I’m a few years older than ten. Even I know how to use gay. These rooms are cool. I’d love to live in one o these places.

  160. Navamixavior says:

    Hoooo……yea.. it’s an amazing post..the glass house with the fire is a good idea and built it very nice.

  161. Lissa says:

    The way of designing the room is mind-blowing. The beautiful collections of sofa and beds used in decorating the room add more beauty to the room.

  162. meganrose6 says:

    Republicou isso em Megan Rosee comentado:
    I want them all…

  163. wow! wow! wow! so much i want to try and do…cheers for the effort. 🙂

  164. Lucy says:

    Whoever lives in these rooms has a magical life. I love the sunken sofas! so cozy!

  165. These rooms are amazing I like them gave me an idea and I am really inspired as I saw so many things to put in my proposed home…

  166. sarika says:

    Superb !

  167. Misbah says:


  168. Mercedes Kim says:

    Reblogged this on cmercedes38 and commented:
    Open Spaces, relaxing nature views and a book or two
    Let imagination soar

  169. I love the home theater hall, looks beautiful.

  170. Jasa Seo says:

    wowww nice design. i like it

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  172. These are really great rooms. I love to have one of these design in the future when I have my own house. I prefer to have a room with lots of pillows, so my kids or friends can chill while watching a movie or TV series marathon.

  173. Jacky patel says:

    it was awesome difficult to pick best one.

  174. woooow amazing amazing collection oh my eyes 🙂

  175. karam says:

    My Dream House….

  176. Pete says:

    Do you sell blueprints for the wood round room?? If so where can I get them. Thanks

  177. Aulia Resti says:

    Good room!

    Please check my room design in “CLICK HERE”a

  178. Aulia Resti says:

    Good room!

    Please check my room design in “CLICK HERE”

    • Arnie says:

      Comme tu peux le voir sur le titre de la photo, c’était au sommet du Mont Fuji après 8h longues heures de monter en pleine nuit pour voir le coucher du soleil.Concernant Kyoto, je te conseille les temples comme FuTahmi-Iniri-saisha et d’aller en centre ville pour ésperer voir des Geisha ps : kyoto palace j’ai pas trop aimé!Rock travel Articles récents..

    • Would be nice to have a way in Web Master Tools to refresh the "Links to your site" list. As webmasters are working the list it would be great to get an updated list of linking sites(s). My list an old list. I know for a fact there are many sites that are no longer linking to my sites because I have contacted them but yet they still show as they are linking.

  179. christ says:

    Is it me or do looking at these pictures make you feel shittier about your circumstance and surroundings?

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