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Typography and confessions

As Art Production Fund Artist-in-Residence, Candy Chang lived in the The Cosmopolitan and turned its P3 Studio gallery into a contemplative experiment around anonymity, vulnerability, and understanding in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Visitors were invited to submit … Continue reading

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Awesome Designed Rooms!

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Stunning Games FanArt´s by Mikaël Aguirre

Ever wonder if games such as Sonic, Mario or Mega Man used some sort of Cell Shading? And pulled it off beautifully? Well if anything, this is how they might look like. These were all created by Mikaël Aguirre, a … Continue reading

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Awesome Rooms

You may think interior design is easy, but creating the PERFECT room isn’t. Each of these rooms are perfect in their own way and would be difficult for just anyone to pull off. They combine the perfect locations, views, design … Continue reading

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Star Wars – Art Inspired by the World Jedi

Here are the some creative Star Wars posters , picture and artworks that have been created fans and addicts. Stars Wars is a saga that was first released in the year 1977 and was well received by the audience. The … Continue reading

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Improving the perfect – Custom Action figures.

I am sure…Nerds will go crazy. 🙂 Do you think Improve the perfect it is impossible? Well, I believe that the answer will be the same that mine… yes!!! It is possible…

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Early Sketches of Famous Cartoon Characters

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