Figure illustrations require a lot of skills, time, patience and great understanding of human anatomy. Enormous amount of time goes into drawing the details like hair, face, body posture and facial expressions to to bring the characters to life. For this article, we will look into the web to bring the 30 best vector figure illustrations for your inspiration. Enjoy the post!

1. Vector Kid

2. Gipsy Light

3. Spectacle 2008

4. Stare

5. White Diamond

6. Session

7. In Colors

8. Lamb

9. Forever Beautiful

10. Coca-Cola

11. Nocturna

12. Ginger

13. Summertime

14. Brooklyn’s Finest

15. Burning Water

16. Heart Of Africa

17. Head in the NonExistent Clouds

18. Ewa

19. Colorful Face

20. Love

21. Oriental Portrait V

22. Daniel Dume Poster 1

23. The Pain of Love

24. Vector Work

25. After Party

26. In the life of a Procrastinator

27. Waved Dancer

28. Different Stuff

29. Resolutions

30. My Fair Lady

Créditos: Vector Diary


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