How to Build a Pencil Crossbow

Build a weapon of mass destruction with your pencil and destroy your office enemies.

From the John Austin’s new book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction.

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)

How to Build a Pencil Crossbow (8 pics)


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43 Responses to How to Build a Pencil Crossbow

  1. Blumi says:

    hahaha, ingenious!

  2. 12 says:

    semi-decent design at best. Theres no way that tape wouldn’t hold those rubber-bands together (step 5) under any real tension. besides where does one come up with ammo like that in the stock room?

    • raevpet says:

      It works just fine. Of course it won’t work under any “real” tension, but it’s not a professional tool or a weapon, it’s a toy, you can have fun building yourself. Also, spaghetti and thin straws are great for ammo.

    • rory says:

      Depends on what kind of tape you use. And the perfect projectile for this would be those sticks for Shish-Kabobs. This thing is practically lethal with those!

    • Ciera says:

      I connected the two rubber bands with a paper clip and wrapped the clip with tape. Works great!

    • jeez says:

      why not? of course it can work, wrap tape around both loop holes…

    • adasd says:

      stupid if you cross it over the insides it will do

  3. Venus says:

    Janeiro, i take it you have built and used this already. How the thin straws fly?

  4. FailPanda says:

    i built it and the ink from the disassembled pen works great for the ammo
    plus it has a tip

  5. Brock says:

    i used to do something similar but its much simpler to design use the pen shown above take 1 rubber band and cut it so its a rubber string, and fold it around the empty pen tube so its snug but no tension, then pull the pen ink cartridge through the empty tube and release takes a little tweaking all sots of pens work and varie with results same with rubber bands, some inks need to be pulled though backwards because some pens have wider hols then others at either end, ive made one shoot through 10 sheets of paper, and got an ink stuck in a ceiling tile at school, careful not to hit people will most likely draw blood

  6. Bookmarked for future boredness. 😀

  7. Kasuko says:

    Why don’t you loop the elastic bands together in the place they are taped together, seems to me that it would increase the structure greatly.

    (You know the one goes through the middle of the other and pull both through.)

  8. Oscar P says:

    Good bye vision!

  9. ghjghj says:

    skewers make for some deadly ammo ;D

  10. Chester M says:

    the cheap bamboo or wooden chopsticks work beautifully. I was a little nervous about the tape on the end of the elastics so I tied them together with a mini paperclip first, worked out for the best 🙂

  11. NIck says:

    It’s a Toy ! Get real with your expectations…or else grow up and get a girlfriend…. This is about having fun, not killing people. Who was that guy ??

  12. How Cannot I view these photos?

  13. Tony says:

    Try one of those plastic binders, the thin ones you put sheets of paper in( Poke two holes in the sides towards the top, then feed a cut elastic band through and tie knots in it. Hook the elastic band over the back of the binder, put your ammo inside, hopefully avoid taking someone’s eye out. You can slot lots of different ammo inside it, from ink cartridges to full size pencils.

  14. blaxforth x zarqua says:

    I made something similar to this from Lego when I was eight. It used Monorail track from the Space series and long girder-style pieces from Technic. The projectiles were those miniature screwdrivers you get in Christmas crackers – potentially deadly!

  15. Greg says:

    Built this a few months back. Using the ink cartridge as a bolt it shot though a shower curtain. The book is great. Try the catapult!

  16. piggy says:

    you can make a version using a pen that clicks in and out…by using the button and the pen tip, you can make this into a functional crossbow with trigger action

  17. Manny says:

    I used a coat hanger but with the basic build above. Works pretty swell. Although technically it looks more like a bow then a crossbow.. oh well…yippie!!

  18. Amon Johnson says:

    I built this and made it into a very scary weapon! I used a few extra rubber bands on the ends for added tension and I straightened out the wire of a wire hanger (around 24″ or so) and cut the leading end at a sharp bevel. I shot it around 15 feet away, at my neighbors wooden fence and it went all the way through to the other side of the fence.

  19. VectorMan says:

    You created very dangerous weapon especially if will using needles! Children can destroy each other

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  21. Tristo7 says:

    HAHA i actually have this book like a foot away from me 😛

  22. Allie says:

    I saw this book in a book store after reading this post and bought it immediately. The rest of the book is AWESOME and totally worth the buy. they teach you how to make various small launchers like a BB launcher, maul gun, etc., a ruler bow, several kinds of darts, a paper clip trebuchet, several kinds of mini bombs, including a claymore mine and an origami water balloon, as well as a bunch of different kinds of combustion shooters like rockets and guns.

  23. Person says:

    With a shish kabob stick I pierced my wall….

  24. Kris B says:

    Weapons of miniature destruction.

  25. where did u get this instructions

  26. Jciifavh says:

    types of lilies pictures,

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  28. alalalaa says:

    where do u buy the book

  29. julian says:

    is awesome i do it at my owne and its works perfect

  30. cross bow says:

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  31. debbee357 says:

    Reblogged this on My Little Beehive Blog.

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